Service Schedule

9:30 Worship online.

We are suspending in person, in house worship through, at least, the end of the year due to the growing number of COVID infections in our area.



Pastor - Don Perry
Ministers - All the People
Lay Leader - Patty Lewis
Organist - Mark Myers
Bell Choir/Children’s Choir Director - Joan Cosgrove
Secretary - Kim Maxwell

As we escape 2020 and begin a new year, we are hopeful that 2021 will bring a return to many facets of life that were torn from us when the Corona Virus burst into the world.

Still, for various reasons, many do not feel that hope and fear what will come next.

At times like this, a good place to turn is the Book of Psalms.

In the coming weeks, we will explore a number of these songs of the early church, seeking the comfort, wisdom, hope and peace that they can bring to us in dark times of life.

Join us in this journey of assurance for the new year as we look at the ways that "God is Holding Your Life."