Service Schedule

 Join us at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary or online at:



Pastor - Don Perry
Ministers - All the People
Lay Leader - Patty Lewis
Organist - Mark Myers
Bell Choir/Children’s Choir Director - Joan Cosgrove
Secretary - Kim Maxwell

Please join us for worship this week, either in person at 9:30 AM or at anytime online. (You can find it at or after noon, click on the worship tab above).

If you will be joining us in the sanctuary please wear a mask and spread out in our vast worship space.

After the celebration of the birth of Jesus, we move away from the child Jesus and encounter the man, the prophet, the teacher, the healer, the trouble-maker Jesus! We will discover, through a focus on the book of Mark, the ways in which Jesus models discipleship and calls for us to follow. In Mark, Jesus is almost constantly at the shoreline, in a boat, getting out of a boat or into one! No doubt, we are in this boat together as we seek to be the disciples Jesus has called us to be!