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Issued On Palm Sunday, March 23, 1997 On The Dedication Of The Restored Stained Glass Windows
By Mrs. Fred l. Cagwin and Miss Gladys Gunsauls

This Book is Dedicated to the Memory of Gladys Gunsauls
Compiled and Edited by: Mrs. Kim Maxwell and Mrs. Annabelle Zimmermann
Rev. George A. Zimmermann, Publisher -- 1997

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First 100 Years
Includes these Topics:
Part I - Founding to Lincoln
Part II - The Church Missions
Part III - The Stone Church and Fire

Starting the Second Century (1932 - 1957)
Includes these Topics:
Part I - The Unification and Society
Part II - The War and Conference Centenial
Part III - The Ministry Continues
Part IV - Those Who Served
1957 Listing of Memorial Gifts

Carbondale United Methodist History (1957 - 1972)
Includes these Topics:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

List of Pastors

Members Who Became Full Time Clergy

Memorials and Gifts

Our Stained Glass Windows

Pavilion History